forest 2 – princess

I’ve been hesitating for the longest time whether to colour it at all, but in the end I really like the result.

Forest 2 - Princess

forest 1 (and the remake – moon)

The very first illustration for the new concept.
With this picture I’ve estabilished the technique I currently use. For a long time I had been using pen and ink, but I had bever been satisfied with the result. I felt that the drawings became somehow static, lost the ease and sense of movement they had in pencil. Now I use black markers (Copic by default), ink for larger areas and white stickers for corrections. Then I make a b/w photocopy and colour it.

forest 1

Lately I prefer to scan the b/w drawing and colour it digitally, because I always spend way too much time on touch-ups of the hand coloured pictures anyway.

forest 1 - moon

The theme is also something that has been in my head for a long time – a corpse in a forest, with worms and insects and an omnious moon above.


This blog is a space to present artwork related to my yet unnamed graphic novel project.

First I’m going to post some standalone illustrations I’ve made during the past year. I had the sketches for them for years but only recently I finally got to finish them. The pictures belong to several series, or theme groups, which may become chapters in the graphic novel.

Then I’m going to try and work on the story in publishing order, but separate illustrations and sketches will also crop up. Panels of the actual story will be tagged and numbered for easier navigation.